Vision & Mission

9 Grains- Our goal is to provide our product based on the natural 9 grains and combination of with fresh vegetables and fresh meats in our menu to provide good quality and nutritious food with taste and variety, in terms of a meal, snack-grabs, milkshakes and lemonades. Our main theme of product is based on Proteins, Carbs /Fibre, Veggies, Greens, Cheese and Dressings which gives a whole nutritious food in a meal. In addition to our signatory plan menu we also have our signatory 9 Grain Chips, Snack-grabs, and beverages include protein shakes.

We have Vegetarian and Non-Vegetarian menu.
Our theme is to eliminate oil related junk food, cholesterol, bad fatty food & oils, unwanted garbage intake, but provide the good baked or grilled food, with a balanced diet of veggies, healthy oil and condiments.